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Here come the Lemmings… 

UK Finance Sector: Now re-Azured, and ready to be Amazed? It never ceases to surprise me how fast the perceptions in the UK mid-tier financial services market can change. The “inherited wisdom” of the sector can be static for years, and then bang!, it changes almost overnight. I’ve occasionally been overheard (when I’m in a […]

HFM 2017 Technology Award Winner!

The Clover index is thrilled to announce that we have won the award for the “Best Cloud Enablement Company” at the HFM 2017 Technology Awards!! Ray Bricknell Founder and Managing Director commented: “We are now witnessing a mass migration to the cloud of finance sector workloads. Clover index’s mission is to ensure that we […]

6000 People and No-one had Nephophobia !!

Nephophobia: noun for a fear of clouds. The word origin is Greek nephos which means ‘cloud’ On Wednesday 28th June, my business partner (Ray Bricknell – ) and I were fortunate enough to attend the AWS London Summit along with 6000 other folks to and learn all things AWS and meet partners who provide […]

Why did the Irish Ice Factory go out of business?

Best Execution Venue … for Cloud Workloads? In about 2014, a good Irish mate of mine (Ian Bowell) and I were sitting together at an Ensono (then Attenda) event, listening to the key note speaker William Fellows (the Founder of 451 Research) and he used a term that has stuck with me ever since.  I will paraphrase him […]

Wannacry: “Move all our IT back ‘in-house’ – It’s the only way to protect us!”

The latest ‘wannacry’ ransomware attack which brought down IT systems across the NHS and other organisations in May this year, has provided another “wake-up” call for the IT industry. Sadly I feel these attacks will become more frequent and will penetrate more organisations as the criminal’s tools and skills become more sophisticated and organised over the […]

How can I compare and research MSPs by myself?

So much NOISE!! The UK Cloud Vendor marketplace is crazy right now. With pretty well EVERY IT Services Provider in the market offering some form of Cloud related services – and every one of them most sincerely declaring themselves to be the best.. how does a lay person (or even an experienced IT professional for […]

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