Financial Services Ecosystem returns @ #CEE19FS – presented by BEC & the Clover index

Maximize the value you extract from CEEFS.

Pre-book as many FREE 30 minute 1:1 consultation sessions on our coffee shop style stand C1750 as you like from the list below. 

At #CEE19 on March 12 & 13 2019, the BEC Clover index team will again be hosting the innovative Financial Services ecosystem stand – to provide specialised 1:1 consultations to companies in the UK who are considering or already adopting Cloud.

In conjunction with the organisers of Cloud Expo Europe and located at Stand C1750, located right next to the Future of Finance / Cloud Innovation Theatre, attendees will be able to either drop-in, or pre-book 1:1 sessions with industry peers and specialised service and product consultants who focus on addressing the unique business and regulation challenges and opportunities confronting UK FS sector cloud adoption – Risk; Legacy Systems; Security; Collaboration; Transformation; Performance; Data & Business Intelligence;  Robotic Process Automation; Cost and Flexibility.

We will also be booking Drop-in Sessions at Stand C1750 , subject to availability.

Ecosystem participants who will be providing specialised Financial Services savvy solutions architects to advise and consult with clients on a 1:1 basis include:

  • Behind Every Cloud and the Clover index – 10 years of specialised focus on enabling Cloud adoption in the mid-tier UK FS market
  • Masergy – Best kept secret of the Global Multi-Cloud interconnect and SDN/SDWAN marketplace
  • INAP – Performance Optimisation and Managed Services for your Cloud Applications and Network
  • AlertLogic – Globally successful On-Prem and Cloud Security as a Service
  • 8×8 – Collaboration and Unified Comms to replace your on prem PBX, or enhance Skype or Teams
  • Company85 – Independent Experts in the World of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Helecloud, Hentsu, VendaVise, QBitKloud, Apiphoni, Soteria, FraXses and ComplyAdvantage have also all agreed to provide specialists in their chosen fields to attend Free of Charge consultations where pre-booked in advance.

Click the supplier name on the left or the logo above to book a 30 minute 1:1 consultation session that suits your own plans for the show.

Based on our extensive knowledge of Cloud adoption and its challenges in the UK Mid-Tier Financial Services market, we pulled together a range of hand chosen, complimentary, “best of breed” technology and solutions providers who had been proven in real engagements with our client base over the previous 12 months to deliver value, and address specific cloud enablement and adoption challenges.

We also organised a wide range of speakers from our UK FS client side community to discuss the challenges they faced (and still face) – and how some of the solutions providers we have introduced them to had helped solve these problems.

Positioned right next to the exit of the first ever CEE industry specific speaker’s theatre (Finance and Banking Technology) –  at stand number C1853 – this hub of FS focussed activity became a hub concentrating on discussing and addressing various firm’s specific problems and concerns, and expressly NOT on flogging the latest widgets.

Open discussions explored the many themes addressed in our thought leading Blogs over the previous 12 months, including (click link to read):

Where should I put my Data Lake? Performance, Risk and Cost

Mitigating Cloud Vendor Lock-in & Liquidation Risk

Glueing your Global Multi-Cloud world together

Public and Hybrid Cloud adoption rates – who is doing what in UK FS?

Best Execution Venue – for FS Cloud Workloads

Top 5 Cloud Transition Lessons Learned

Why working with proven and FS experienced advisors and providers is critical

Comparing and researching Cloud Vendors in an extremely noisy market

GDPR – managing Roles & Responsibilities either side of the Cloud’s Silver Lining

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