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Financial Services Ecosystem returns @ #CEE19FS – presented by BEC & the Clover index

Maximize the value you extract from CEEFS. Pre-book as many FREE 30 minute 1:1 consultation sessions on our coffee shop style stand C1750 as you like from the list below.  At #CEE19 on March 12 & 13 2019, the BEC Clover index team will again be hosting the innovative Financial Services ecosystem stand – to […]

First Ever Financial Services Solutions Ecosystem Feature @ #CEE18FS – presented by Clover index

At #CEE18 on March 21 & 22 2018, the team at Clover again broke new ground for Financial Services companies in the UK who are considering or already adopting Cloud. In conjunction with Closer Still Media, the organisers of Cloud Expo Europe we convened the first ever “Financial Services Solutions Ecosystem” stand – the focus […]

CIF Appoints Ray Bricknell as Financial Services Special Interest Group Chairman

Yesterday it was announced that the CIF would be focussing in on the alignment of Cloud with the Financial Services sector through the creation of a new Special Interest Group. I am honoured to be appointed to Chair this SIG for its formative years – and I thought it would make sense to share why […]

Mitigating Cloud Vendor Lock-in and Liquidation Risk

Some of the most common questions we get asked about Public Cloud in our UK FS client advisory meetings are: “So how do we avoid becoming slaves to a big US vendor who doesn’t have any real competition, and who doesn’t negotiate on price rises?” “How do we demonstrate that we have done the necessary […]

COOs are Tech-Savvy Dudes and Dudesses

Clover had the priviledge of being a sponsor at the HFM Operational Leaders’ summit last month (25th / 26th Sept). The two-day conference held at the very plush Grove hotel in Hertfordshire welcomed COOs and CEOs from a wide range of financial services (FS) firms across Europe.  The conference agenda was mainly focused on pressing […]

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