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COOs are Tech-Savvy Dudes and Dudesses

Clover had the priviledge of being a sponsor at the HFM Operational Leaders’ summit last month (25th / 26th Sept). The two-day conference held at the very plush Grove hotel in Hertfordshire welcomed COOs and CEOs from a wide range of financial services (FS) firms across Europe.  The conference agenda was mainly focused on pressing […]

HFM 2017 Technology Award Winner!

The Clover index is thrilled to announce that we have won the award for the “Best Cloud Enablement Company” at the HFM 2017 Technology Awards!! Ray Bricknell Founder and Managing Director commented: “We are now witnessing a mass migration to the cloud of finance sector workloads. Clover index’s mission is to ensure that we […]

6000 People and No-one had Nephophobia !!

Nephophobia: noun for a fear of clouds. The word origin is Greek nephos which means ‘cloud’ On Wednesday 28th June, my business partner (Ray Bricknell – ) and I were fortunate enough to attend the AWS London Summit along with 6000 other folks to and learn all things AWS and meet partners who provide […]

Wannacry: “Move all our IT back ‘in-house’ – It’s the only way to protect us!”

The latest ‘wannacry’ ransomware attack which brought down IT systems across the NHS and other organisations in May this year, has provided another “wake-up” call for the IT industry. Sadly I feel these attacks will become more frequent and will penetrate more organisations as the criminal’s tools and skills become more sophisticated and organised over the […]

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