How can I compare and research MSPs by myself?

So much NOISE!! The UK Cloud Vendor marketplace is crazy right now. With pretty well EVERY IT Services Provider in the market offering some form of Cloud related services – and every one of them most sincerely declaring themselves to be the best.. how does a lay person (or even an experienced IT professional for that matter) research and compare quantitative analytic data to start shortlisting providers?

Well the answer is The Clover index – endorsed as the Gold Standard Benchmarking tool by the Cloud Industry Forum. And its a big day for us here at the Clover index because today we’ve launched what we believe to be the ONLY interactive self-service Cloud Vendor comparison tool in the UK market – and maybe even in the world. And what’s more, we don’t even charge you to use it.

Check out a demo of how it works here – or just jump right in and try it out for yourself here.

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