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The Cloud Explained – Aussie Style

The Cloud Explained - Aussie Style My dad sent this brilliant skit to me - poking fun at "The Cloud" from an Aussie layman's perspective. Done on an ABC sketch show, it is simply too good not to share. Be warned though - this video contains Adult language, and is not for those with more delicate sensitivities... and you'll be surprised to hear that its not that factual either... If you [...]

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Building the Six Million Dollar Man

"That new guy is good. What's his name?" ...  "Errr.... Steve Austin, or something like that"  " Guy's a machine. He does the work of 8 people! " In the past 6 months, we’ve seen a substantial uptick in our client base – Financial Services firms are increasingly looking to use the newly found “powers of the cloud” to answer several [...]

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