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Building the Six Million Dollar Man

"That new guy is good. What's his name?" ...  "Errr.... Steve Austin, or something like that"  " Guy's a machine. He does the work of 8 people! " In the past 6 months, we’ve seen a substantial uptick in our client base – Financial Services firms are increasingly looking to use the newly found “powers of the cloud” to answer several [...]

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First Ever Financial Services Solutions Ecosystem Feature @ #CEE18FS – presented by Clover index

At #CEE18 on March 21 & 22 2018, the team at Clover again broke new ground for Financial Services companies in the UK who are considering or already adopting Cloud. In conjunction with Closer Still Media, the organisers of Cloud Expo Europe we convened the first ever "Financial Services Solutions Ecosystem" stand - the focus of one of only three "Featured Themes" of #CEE18. Attendees were able to engage 1:1 with [...]

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