The Clover Report – Annual “In Depth” Customised Due Diligence by Subscription 2017-01-21T10:34:51+00:00

The Clover Report – “In Depth” Annual Customised Due Diligence by Subscription

In addition to a presentation of the numerical analysis scores contained in the graphical Four Leaf Clover index, the Clover Report on  a specific Vendor contains:

  • Both relevant public domain announcements, and more confidential information provided to the Clover index team by the MSP under the terms of a mutual NDA
  • Detailed explanations and justifications for the assignment of the relevant assessment scores awarded
    • Including where relevant, the specific (and sometimes confidential) figures and 300 raw data metrics considered for assessing each attribute
  • An extensive descriptive analysis of the CSP’s fit with the relevant niche market in each of the following areas:
    • Overview including Commercial Strength and UK Cloud Pedigree
    • Infrastructure Architecture including DC Topology & Platform 
    • IaaS Cloud Platform and Services Maturity 
    • Operational Risk Profile 
    • Reference Clients and Vertical Alignment 

Because of the highly sensitive and complex data provided to us under NDA, Clover Reports can only be attained by Clients through a process of engagement with a Clover index Affiliated Consultant. Check the listing of affiliated consultants here for your preferred consulting firm or select Contact Us for an appropriate introduction.

A sample Clover Report can be downloaded from here: