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Security, Flexibility & Performance in a Multi-Cloud World

Cool Finance Cloud Enablement Tech Showcase InTheClouds@TheShard

6PM 30th November 2017

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Its inevitable now that global Financial Services enterprises will soon be working in a “multi-cloud” world.

So as the UK market thought leaders for Cloud adoption in this niche the Clover index and Cloud Digital EMEA will be hosting this exclusive invitation only InTheClouds@The Shard evening event on the 30th of  November of 2017 – to engage and educate mid-market firms in this sector directly about the challenges they will face – and some of the cool new Cloud Enablement Tech coming to market that will make the challenge easier.

As a variation from our normal format – we’re also going to set up some stands where you can take a short live demonstration from each of the VERY cool Global leaders of SDN/SDWAN, Cloud Security, Cloud Platform Management, Cloud DRaaS, Cloud Storage Management solutions now available in the UK the market. Technical, Project Implementation, Consulting and Product Specialist staff will be in heavy attendance to answer your questions on the spot.

You will probably not even have heard of some of the technology vendors that are already disrupting this space in the UK.

This intimate networking focussed event has a maximum attendance of 150 and is available ONLY to a small subset of specifically targeted mid-sized UK FS firms.

Designed deliberately to be an interactive and networking centric event, a delicious buffet and refreshing beverages will be provided on the night – so you can enjoy the view and expand your awareness in comfort.

Registration in advance for this free event is essential and your application will need to be manually approved by the sponsors, so please be patient and we will get back to you ASAP after you have completed an application form to confirm details and provide a diary entry for your calendar.

Giving your Network team the information and tools to analyse, understand, respond and improve on the fly.
The future of the network provider is not a 3 year term, 3 month SLA and a “black hole” of traffic analytics guess work. Welcome to a world where .. self-service portal based detailed traffic management information, granular Quality of Service prioritisation, dynamic and API based circuit provisioning, minimum commit terms and PAYG to support eg short term bulk data transfers, networks to support a transient cloud workload, guaranteed global SLA’s … are all do-able today.

Reliable connectivity in all circumstances – using low cost / low commit providers for bursting and diversity.
Diversity at every level layer – fibre routing, underlying telco vendor, switching fabric, commercial and contractual – is the only way to GUARANTEE uptime.  But duplication drives double costs – or does it? Have you ever considered using a new age PAYG SDN provider for your diverse global paths, and bursting on demand (via a portal) when you need some off net capacity for data migrations, or a quick “worst case” backup route ?

DRaaS and BaaS offer an 80% reduction in cost when compared to Hot Standby. WHY does anyone still do it the old way?
Integrating best of breed replication and orchestration tools from Zerto, Vmware and Veeam, “world’s best” DRaaS and BaaS vendor ILAND has engineered a full function portal that integrates into the API’s of these tools allows you to invoke DR in minutes – with only seconds of data loss. Bubble Testing, a full PDF DR Success Report, Service Protection Groups – with very low minimum commit, PAYG model, IaaS on demand for DR site Clustering, Network routing failover.. its a no-brainer.

Shouldn’t your network provider be adding REAL BUSINESS VALUE value in this day and age?
Shouldn’t they be providing access to an ecosystem of Financial Services specific providers that you can draw services from – without building new connections yourself every time? For example – why shouldn’t you now be securely and performantly sourcing your Market Data, or your trade matching, or doing your MIFID II reporting, providing your accurate to the nanosecond trade time-stamping, low latency exchange connection or even connecting to your Fund Admin or your Prime Broker via your core Wide Area Network provider?

How do you ensure Workload Portability – and mitigate Public Cloud Lock-In Risk
The current best practice is to move toward a Cloud Agnostic model – and deploy your workloads on a case by case  “Best Execution Venue” basis. But HOW do you ACTUALLY implement this policy in a Multi-Cloud world? Cisco think they have the answer with the Cisco CloudCenter. Read our blog on this topic here or register for the dedicated launch event we’re running with Cisco here.

OK – so where do I put my data so that all of my Multi-Cloud workloads, my data Analytics and AI, and my Backups and DR can access it performantly?
Its almost as if we need a high performance “Most Recently Used” data cache in the mix – one that is accessible from multiple clouds, that can “Live Mount” databases and link them to e.g. VMware straight from backups,  that can be searched just like google, and that can index all of our data including Archive and Backups.. and maybe even replace the need for DR?

HOW do you secure ALL of the traffic between your application components and into, and out of Private & Public Clouds?
Microservices based security is the future. With new age “Born in the Cloud” security tech entering the market from Silicon Valley that can scan 1Tbps of network traffic (vs a virtual appliance hitting 50Gbps) and then proactively prevent anomalous activity – the bad guys haven’t got a chance 😉

How DO I securely connect my Global Public Cloud environments to each other, and to my SaaS and Private Cloud?
I want a secure connection from all of my offices to Office 365, to my AWS applications in New York, to my Azure platform in Hong Kong – and to my CRM in Salesforce. I need to connect my UK Equinix DC to my HK Digital Realty DC – and I need to do it fast. Impossible right? WRONG. We now live in a world of 10 day interconnect SLAs and 60 second globally deployed VPN’s. Come along and find out more.

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