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Getting Business Value from Data and Automation in UK Financial Services firms

“InTheClouds@TheShard” 6pm 13 September 2018

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How do I capture human interaction in its many forms?
My staff communicate in many ways (IM, Email, Voice, PDF/Doc, even different languages). From a compliance and process automation perspective, how do I monitor everything?

I want to collate my organisation’s many data repositories into a usable form.
How do I create an “enterprise data lake” that contains structured AND unstructured communications data?

How do I get NEW BUSINESS VALUE from all of this data?
Data and information are different things. How do I extract some Business Intelligence and Analytics from my data lake?

How do I take away the routine tasks and improve our human efficiency?
Can Robotic Process Automation improve the speed with which we do repetitive things, and let my staff focus on the important exceptions?

Apply below to attend this EXCLUSIVE "InTheClouds@TheShard" event for carefully selected UK Finance Companies

Confirmed participants who will be providing specialised Financial Services savvy solutions architects to advise and consult with you on a 1:1 basis are: 

Behind Every Cloud and the Clover index 10 years of specialised focus on enabling Cloud adoption in the mid-tier UK FS market.

Insightful Technology’s Soteria – Capture ANY human interaction globally, and monitor it in a single view

Company85  – The UK’s most capable independent Business Analytics / Business Intelligence & RPA consultancy  

Thoughtonomy – Azure based Robotic Process Automation that will blow your mind

What are the “InTheClouds@TheShard” events?

Based on our extensive knowledge of Cloud adoption and its challenges in the UK mid-tier Financial Services market, we regularly pull together a small number of hand chosen,  “best of breed” technology and solutions providers who have been proven to deliver value in real engagements with our client base over the past 6 months. Our goal at each event is to educate and explore a specific set of related cloud enablement and adoption challenges.

This event is presented in conjunction with the UK FS Cloud-Enablement Team team behind Telstra ACES:

Telstra ACES (Analytics, Compliance & Enablement Services) is a modular suite of infrastructure and services that records, transcribes, stores and reconstructs all business communications, including mobile and fixed line phone calls, along with multiple other electronic channels. This enables easier compliance with the latest financial regulations such as MiFID II & GDPR and provides greater insight to trading activity. Telstra ACES includes Managed ‘as a service’ Storage and Infrastructure via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, ensuring that data is stored in line with local data regulations within an Equinix Data Centre. The user interface provides an end-to-end searchable view across all channels, allowing for rapid sequential reconstruction and case management of all trading-related activity through a single portal.

“The unique Clover index Report helped us to quickly and easily find the best vendors for our Cloud-based IaaS.”

Krisztian Kenderesi – Group IT Operations Manager

“Their comprehensive understanding of London’s Cloud Vendors is truly unique.”

Partner, Blue Bay Asset Management

“They really are experts in IT Infrastructure for Investment Management. Their knowledge of Cloud Service Providers is excellent.”

Andrew Rubio – Chief Executive, Throgmorton

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