CLOVER INDEX – STANDARD OUTPUTS 2016-12-22T17:06:59+00:00

Clover index – standard outputs

The presentation of the results of a vendor’s assessment against the Clover index standard for the niche market in question will take one of the two following formats:

Four leaf Clover index – an “at a glance” view
The Clover report – annual “in depth” customised due diligence by subscription

The Four Leaf Clover index format presents an “at a glance” high level assessment of a particular vendor’s capabilities and metrics against the benchmark standard. Its purpose is to succinctly portray the assessment of a vendor in an accessible, graphical and intuitive format.

The Clover Report format presents a much more detailed written analysis of a specific vendor, including in depth analysis that is typically commissioned, customised or subscribed to by a client from an Affiliated Clover index Consultant in the relevant niche market – typically at an additional cost.