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UK Private and Hybrid Cloud Buyers’ Guide – Updated Q2 2017

C Level Expert Insight
Take a ‘Brain Dump’ from two of the UK’s foremost Cloud Vendor Comparison experts.

Accessible Language
Commercial and Risk focused – NOT techie jargon, acronyms and gobbledygook – but with Layman’s Glossary included just in case.

28 Key Focus Areas
A manageable score sheet of 7 points in each of 4 key groups: Risk, Market Share, Maturity & Size.

Interactive Online Toolset
Interact with the Clover index online toolset in real-time to see how to put these guidelines into practice.

Download our updated Q2 2017 guide to Buying Cloud and Managed IT services in the UK. 26 pages of hard earned experience.

“The unique Clover index Report helped us to quickly and easily find the best vendors for our Cloud-based IaaS.”

Krisztian Kenderesi – Group IT Operations Manager

“Their comprehensive understanding of London’s Cloud Vendors is truly unique.”

Partner, Blue Bay Asset Management

“They really are experts in IT Infrastructure for Investment Management. Their knowledge of Cloud Service Providers is excellent.”

Andrew Rubio – Chief Executive, Throgmorton

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