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Hmmm.. Where should I put my Data Lake?

With both my Infrastructure Technical Architecture and my CTO hats on, one of the questions I have begun to ask myself lately (and that my clients have been asking me too) is “Where do I put my Data Lake?” Much like in your favourite Sim game, positioning your data lake in the right place from the outset takes some careful consideration, and getting it wrong could have some nasty long-term consequences. Why? [...]

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Mitigating Cloud Vendor Lock-in and Liquidation Risk

Some of the most common questions we get asked about Public Cloud in our UK FS client advisory meetings are: “So how do we avoid becoming slaves to a big US vendor who doesn’t have any real competition, and who doesn’t negotiate on price rises?" “How do we demonstrate that we have done the necessary Exit Planning required under FCA outsourcing guidelines (SYSC8.1) ?" “Even if we go Cloud agnostic, what [...]

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COOs are Tech-Savvy Dudes and Dudesses

Clover had the priviledge of being a sponsor at the HFM Operational Leaders’ summit last month (25th / 26th Sept). The two-day conference held at the very plush Grove hotel in Hertfordshire welcomed COOs and CEOs from a wide range of financial services (FS) firms across Europe.  The conference agenda was mainly focused on pressing operational challenges (as you’d expect) such as MIFID II, staff retention, retaining profitability in increasingly low [...]

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