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First Ever Financial Services Solutions Ecosystem Feature @ #CEE18FS – presented by Clover index

At #CEE18 on March 21 & 22 2018, the team at Clover again broke new ground for Financial Services companies in the UK who are considering or already adopting Cloud. In conjunction with Closer Still Media, the organisers of Cloud Expo Europe we convened the first ever "Financial Services Solutions Ecosystem" stand - the focus of one of only three "Featured Themes" of #CEE18. Attendees were able to engage 1:1 with [...]

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CIF Appoints Ray Bricknell as Financial Services Special Interest Group Chairman

Yesterday it was announced that the CIF would be focussing in on the alignment of Cloud with the Financial Services sector through the creation of a new Special Interest Group. I am honoured to be appointed to Chair this SIG for its formative years - and I thought it would make sense to share why I feel so passionate about this role. I spent the first 25 odd years of my IT [...]

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Hmmm.. Where should I put my Data Lake?

With both my Infrastructure Technical Architecture and my CTO hats on, one of the questions I have begun to ask myself lately (and that my clients have been asking me too) is “Where do I put my Data Lake?” Much like in your favourite Sim game, positioning your data lake in the right place from the outset takes some careful consideration, and getting it wrong could have some nasty long-term consequences. Why? [...]

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