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What is the Clover index?

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The core value proposition of the Clover index is to provide UK Clients and their Affiliated Consulting teams with semi-automated, ‘chaperoned’ access to a vast amount of independently developed, unbiased, specialist expert Private Cloud Computing Providers analysis.

More than 300 metrics are entered and annually updated into the Clover index ecosystem portal directly by participating Cloud Service Providers (under the terms of a strict NDA), and these are then used as input to a thorough quantitive and competitive analysis by independent industry experts. To date more than 70 vendors have provided highly confidential data to the Clover Engine and been analysed against the specific requirements of firms in Regulated markets.

Affiliated Consultants and their Clients can then utilise the respective access facilities and free of charge expert consultancy components of the Clover index ecosystem to pre-qualify and shortlist suitable Cloud Computing Solution Providers against their unique needs. Poor-fit Cloud Service Providers are very cost-effectively and transparently “qualified-out” of the target market, and issued with a “to-do list” of areas to address if they wish to re-engage.

By consolidating and iterating the process of collection and analysis, our aim is to aid small to medium Enterprise Clients to shortlist the “Best Fit, Best Practice” Cloud Service Providers in the UK market that meet their requirements.

The system avoids the need for each Client, Affiliated Consultant and CSP to repeatedly “re-invent the wheel” for each engagement through what is sometimes referred to as a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) process. The time and cost savings for Clients and CSP’s from the Clover index cannot be over stated.

Further, the system “learns” from each Affiliated Consultant’s interactions with their Clients and CSPs on an ongoing basis, evolving the Clover index Standard Definition and updating the data the system contains, to the benefit of all. The net result of the consistent application of this structured assessment process feedback cycle over time has already been proven to produce wholesale improvements in the offerings of the UK’s CSP’s who face off to Regulated markets.

The Clover ecosystem has the upside benefit of offering large amounts of market trend meta-data regarding UK cloud adoption rates in Regulated markets which are reported annually in the public domain, and of helping Affiliated Consulting firms to quickly connect to very senior Sales Director and CTO level Private Cloud UK contacts.
In time the goal is for the Clover index ecosystem to become the defacto TripAdvisor / Experian / Michelin Guide for the Regulated Enterprise Client’s and Cloud Consultants London journey to the cloud.


Our mission at Clover is to become the definitive reference source for fact based, independent comparison and pre-qualification of Managed IT and Cloud Services Providers by Clients in each of our target Regulated niche markets. 

Ultimately by providing independent, transparent analysis against best-practice standards and as a result of the fact-based competition it creates, Clover’s aspiration is to drive an overall improvement in the quality of the Private Cloud solutions provided to UK Regulated businesses.

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